Choose the Risk-Free Option For Regular Window Cleaning in Earlsfield with Melissa's Window Cleaners

Ensure your windows are kept streak-free on an on-going basis by using our regular window cleaning service in Earlsfield. You’ll benefit from a thorough clean of all your windows, sills and frames. What types can we wash? Single, double, sash, French, small and big bay, skylights, conservatories and much more! Your job won’t be hourly based and our prices are both competitive and affordable. All you need to do is make sure we get a parking space within 30 metres of your property on the same side as the windows you want us to clean.


  • You're the best cleaning experts I have ever worked with. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

    Mark Laurie

  • Just wanted to say that you are a really professional company that did an outstanding job.

    Amber Dylan

  • From now on I will be using only you as a cleaning company. You did an amazing job to my patio.;;

    Rhys Faith

Choose Well-recommended Regular Window Services

You’ll get:

  • Flexible payment options – choose from cash, card and more
  • A FREE check-list – to ensure that everything has been completed to the highest possible standard
  • Sticker removal – upon request from you
  • Experienced technicians – who undergo assessments from quality control supervisors in order to guarantee you an effective service
  • Week-round bookings slots – that includes weekends and Bank Holidays at no extra charge

Choosing our regular window services gives you outstanding slashed prices! Weekly bookings result in a 50% discount, fortnightly is 50%, monthly is 35%, every 6 weeks 30%, bi-monthly is 25%, and every 3 months is 15%. You can also qualify by using more than one service at a time, why not try our gutter cleaning or patio cleaning?

Regular Commercial Window Cleaning Perfect For:

Both residential and business environments. No matter what you book us for you’ll experience no invasion of privacy. Please take note that the special rates we deliver are only for work on domestic properties. Any regular commercial window cleaning needs an on-site viewing before we can proceed.

Steps Taken During Your Regular Window Cleaning

A combination of purified water and our refined water-fed pole cleaning method will be used to wash your windows. Purified water has been de-mineralised and as a result actively absorbs all the dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. In fact if it's applied to your windows on a regular basis it will have a sterilising effect! This water is sprayed onto your window from a brush-head which is connected to a 22m telescopic pole that in turn is attached to a water supply in our van. A technician will move the brush from side-to-side ensuring that every inch of glass is sprayed. Once this is done your windows will be given a final rinse and left to dry naturally. Don’t worry about streaks - purified water contains no mineral deposits and therefore none can be left behind. Any internal window cleaning you require will be completed using a traditional squeegee and ladder.Do you need regular conservatory cleaning in Earlsfield too? No problem, we’ll use the same techniques to get the job done.

Get Melissa's Highly Motivated Regular Window Cleaners in Earlsfield

Our customer base is over 50,000 members strong. How do we keep them happy? A combination of industry standard equipment and trained, efficient regular window cleaners in Earlsfield dedicated to you. You’ll benefit from quality control supervisors who assess our work on a regular basis – ensuring your full satisfaction is company policy. After 10 years in the industry we know just how to help you!

Melissa's reliable regular window cleaners Earlsfield are just a phone call away on 020 3404 6917. We’re also happy to answer your queries online through our chat feature or contact form.

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